25 Best Mexican Appetizers (with recipes) To Spice Up Your Dinner Parties

Mexican food holds a special place in the hearts of everyone around the world. When it comes to the variety of delicacies Mexico can produce, there is perhaps no competition. Be it appetizers, desserts, main courses or full meals, Mexican food can leave a mark like no other. Add a Mexican dish to your dinner […]

10 Most Delectable Types of Mexican Cheese

Although Mexican food is absolutely delectable in all its glory, we wonder what makes some of it such a memorable experience for our taste buds. It’s a question worth pondering, and here’s one of the many things that makes Mexican food such a wonderful trip down delicacy lane. It’s the cheese. Mexican cheese is an […]

50 Best Mexican Desserts and their Recipes

Desserts have been loved and adored all over the world, and with cuisines from around the globe being adapted by all sorts of cultures, it’s only natural we’d look at one of the most popular food destinations. Mexican food is lauded everywhere and for good measure. But it’s not all just spicy and tangy. There’s […]

Vero Mexican Tamarindo Candy Rellerindos Review

Binge on the delicious and sour Vero Mexican Tamarindo candy this summer and bring out a cool and authentic Mexican flavor to your palate. These tamarind flavored candies are available in individual packets, and the whole pack consists of 65 of these delicious and sour tangerine candies.

Limon 7 Paleta (Lollipop Covered with Lemon and Salt Powder) Review

The market has tons of spicy chilly and cinnamon flavored candies, making it difficult for the lovers of sweet and salty candies of their own choice. If you are one of them looking for an excellent spicy candy, here we have for you Limon 7 Paleta (Lollipop Covered with Lemon and Salt Powder).

Farley’s Mexican Hats Review

Shaped like little candy hats that dropped right from heaven, Farley’s Mexican Hats are precious sweet delights for all. You will love these if you also have a soft corner for the old fashioned spices. 

JuJu Mexican Fiesta Hats Review

Shaped like little candy hats that dropped right from heaven, the JuJu Mexican Fiesta hats are precious sweet delights for all those who fancy a different yet a chewy kind of a JuJu texture in their candies. If you also have a soft corner for the old fashioned spices in your sweet treats, well, these […]

Bubbaloo Strawberry Bubble Gum 60 Piece Box

Clear your taste buds with this amazing Bubbaloo Strawberry bubble gum. The juicy and fluffy bubble gum is filled with a liquid center in the middle, which oozes out strawberry essence when bitten. It refreshes your whole palate and brings a unique taste in your mouth.

De La Rosa Dulces Mexican Candy 4 lb Pinata Mix Filler

Are you worried about what you are using to fill up your piñata? Do not fret as it is time for tasty Mexican candies to fill up your heart and your piñata. This delicious assortment of amazing candies offers a sweet and tangy experience to your taste buds, while being a playful supplement for any […]

Vero Elotes Candy Review

Vero Elotes Mexican Candies are very different from other candies and their taste is something everyone will enjoy. In the Spanish language, Elotes means corn and thus there is no prize for guessing! These candies look like small corns and have a strawberry flavor. They are the latest offering from a famous candy company called Dulces […]