Lucas Chamoy / Mango Chamoy & Mango Flavored Power Review

Share this with your Mexican friends! 94shares Lucas Chamoy Or, Mango Chamoy & Mango Flavored Powder is an iconic product which has the colossal power to whirl away your sensational buds into an unparalleled charm. Chamoy is nothing but savory condiment made from pickled fruits. They are a typical blend of saltiness, sourness, sweetness and therefore […]

Bubbaloo Platano Banana Mexican Gum Review

Share this with your Mexican friends! 68shares Have you ever tried banana gum? Banana gums are rarely found, for some people these gums don’t even exist. Bubbalo has come up with this very tasty Mexican Gum with Banana flavor. Banana flavor is a unique flavor which is not found everywhere.

7 Cheap Mexican Candies for the Best Deal

Share this with your Mexican friends! 67shares Don’t want your love for Mexican candies to burn a hole in your pocket? Look no further because this candy list would help you save money, without compromising your taste palette. Every candy here is priced below 8 dollars and are guaranteed to give satisfy all your cravings.

5 Favourite Mexican Gums

Share this with your Mexican friends! 147shares The refreshing taste of gums is secondary to none. If you love chewy gums, then you will love the Mexican Gums, which give a whole new twist to these little chewy treats. Bite into the fruity freshness with a delicious twist. Here is our top selection of the […]

6 Best Lucas Candies

Share this with your Mexican friends! 78shares One of the most prominent Mexican candy brand, Lucas has been producing mouth-watering candies since 1986. Presently, it runs exports candies, not only to Mexico but also US, Europe and parts of Asia.

5 Spicy Mexican Candies

Share this with your Mexican friends! 196shares The sour and spicy taste of Mexican candies is what makes it so different from all other candies around the world. While they have some delicious sweet, chocolate candies too, Spicy candies is what they are truly known for. Some of the well-known spicy hot Mexican candies are:

5 Unique Mexican Candies

Share this with your Mexican friends! 62shares Have you ever tasted something that made you think out aloud- “Wow, now that’s different!” Well, many Mexican candies will make you think the same because each of these goodies are unique in their own way; Be it their shape or taste, each Mexican candy will offer you […]

Tama Roca Natural Tamarind with Salt and Chili Review

Share this with your Mexican friends! 60shares Tama-Roca Natural Tamarind Fruit Candy with Salt and Chili is the quintessential delectable panorama which will titillate your taste buds like a humour fascinating your funny bones. It has demonstrated itself to be the magnum opus among all the Mexican retreats and has the gargantuan flavour to hypnotize […]

Ibarra Mexican Chocolate, 19 oz.

Share this with your Mexican friends! 145shares With a dense and rich flavor, the Ibarra Mexican Chocolate is a true testament of Mexican culinary originality. If you have not tasted Mexican chocolate before, you are guaranteed to be overwhelmed by its richness and the underlying acidity that cuts through the dense chocolate flavor so well.

Alvbro Pollito Asado (Little Chicken Lollipop Hot) Review

Share this with your Mexican friends! 70shares When it comes to Mexican candies, we can’t stop ourselves from drooling over those sweet, sour, spicy and fun candies and rightly so. Mexican candies are always addictive and the Alvbro Little Chicken Lollipop is really a mixture of addictive flavors combined in a single candy. The lollipops […]