6 Best Lucas Candies

One of the most prominent Mexican candy brand, Lucas has been producing mouth-watering candies since 1986. Presently, it runs exports candies, not only to Mexico but also US, Europe and parts of Asia.

1. Lucas Salsagheti Gusanos Sandia

These hot-sweet strips of candies have the much-loved combination of fruity watermelon and spicy tamarind sauce. They are shaped like twisted strips and their taste is almost heavenly. A little on the spicy side but perfectly balanced with the sweetness of watermelon, Lucas Salsagheti Gusanos Sandia is an absolute delight! You can get the best deal on these by clicking here.

2. Baby Lucas Mango Candy Dispenser

The sweetness of mango is perfectly balanced with citricity of lemon and salt. The best part is that Baby Lucas Mango Candy Dispenser can be paired up with a variety of other food items as a seasoning. The easy to handle dispenser is an added plus and therefore you should not waste any time to buy this. Head to Amazon now for an amazing deal.

3. Lucas Gusano, Chamoy Flavor Hot Liquid Candy

If you love spicy hot things, then you will fall in love with Lucas Gusano, Chamoy Flavour Hot Liquid Candy. This tamarind flavoured liquid is perfectly combined with spicy chillies. This tangy hot candy sauce is something you won’t ever regret buying!

4. Lucas Muecas Lollipop with Chili Powder Chamoy

The sweetness of candy mixed with the hotness of chamoy is what Lucas Muecas Lollipop with Chili Powder Chamoy all about. These little suckers are the perfect combination of spicy sweet flavours and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

5. Lucas Pelucas

Equipped with a push up bottle, Lucas Pelucas is yet another tamarind candy from Lucas. Tamarind candies are something Lucas does very well and most of their best-selling products are tamarind based. This was a little sticky and not spicy enough for my palette but still delicious nevertheless.

6. Lucas BomVaso (Bombaso or Bom Vaso)

This sweet, sour and spicy candy comes with the surprise twist of a bubble sum centre. Chewy and sticky to eat, Lucas BomVaso may not be good for regular munching but they will definitely delight your taste buds whenever you have them!

The above candies show the popularity of Lucas and are the reason behind its stupendous growth. Do take a bite of these delicious candies and I am sure you won’t be able to stop yourself from ordering even more of them!