Ask anyone around the globe about their favorite childhood memory and I guarantee, the word ‘candy’ will come once in their conversations.

Hi everyone! This is Emily and welcome to the stunning world of Mexican candies or what I like to call –‘Emmy and the Mexican chocolate factory blog.’ Keeping my bad sense of humor aside, I would like to sincerely welcome you to my blog. If you have stopped here, then you are either a Mexican candy fanatic (like me) or are a complete novice with a deep curiosity about these scrumptious candies. Now whatever be your level of ‘experience’, I guarantee, you are going to get all kinds of information on Mexican candies through this blog.

I have been eating Mexican candies for as long as I can remember and they still are, one of the few things I have not grown tired off, even after so many years. My love for Mexican candies started quite early because of my father who used to visit Mexico every month for his business commitments. It must run in the genes, because he too is a big fan of Mexican candies and used to bring back packets and packets of indigenous candies when he came back from his trips. My mother used to hand over these goodies to me, only on special occasion or when I did something praise worthy and thus these candies became a part of every happy childhood memory.

When I shifted to NY from Texas a few years back, I was worried on how I was going to get my daily fix of Mexican candies again. ?

To my relief, many e-commerce websites like Amazon are delivering Mexican candies, even in upstate NY. Thanks to that small discovery, I was able to rediscover my love for Mexican candies again and therefore, I decided to start this blog to help all Mexican candy fanatics like me and also to convince all beginners, on why Mexican candies must be on their ‘Candies to eat’ list.

This blog provides all details on all types of Mexican candies. From chewing gums to succulent lollipops, I have tried to cover them all. If you want to say hi! Or have any suggestions, questions, please drop a comment below!