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As you already know, MexicanCandy.org is a one-of-a-kind blog specially covering the exciting details of Mexican candies and other goodness from Mexico. The blog has received much love from candy lovers around the world. It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to see how gracefully our community has bloomed. The bond that has formed amongst all the Mexican candy fans through this simple blog is indeed special.

With great joy, I’m here to inform you that this humble blog is all set to achieve new dimensions. Yes, you guessed it right! We’re bringing new flavors and colors to the palate. The blog will now feature all things Mexican, and not just the candies.

It will be worthy to mention that the love and support from the reader’s community has had a great impact on the success of this blog (and the boost in my confidence). Your comments and suggestions have continuously paved the path for growth. It has been a privilege to be connected with like-minded people. This blog truly belongs to all of you!

Submit a Guest Post

I’m super excited to open the blog’s space to all those who share a similar passion for Mexico and its delights. There are so many beautiful aspects of Mexico that deserve to be featured, and you could also contribute to this special purpose. Every individual contribution can bring forth a new facet of the dynamic Mexican culture. I believe that such a varied content will give new voice and strength to this blog.

Writing a guest blog for MexicanCandy.org will give you an opportunity to build useful backlinks for your own blog/website. You’ll benefit from quality traffic to your website, giving you valuable visits and conversions. You’re sure to get extensive exposure and recognition too!

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

The publication of your guest post will not be automatic. It is subject to approval and largely dependent on meeting the content- quality standards of MexicanCandy.org.

Following are some key points that you should keep in mind. It will greatly improve the chances of your post being selected.

  • The guest post should be strictly related to Mexico. You can refer to the indicative broad categories for guidance. Any unrelated content will automatically be rejected.
  • Your content should be unique and original. Copied or spun content will be rejected.
  • The length of the guest post should be at least 1000 words. Generally, a post with 1000-1400 words should seem like appropriate length. Don’t submit posts that are too long and boring for the readers.
  • You’re allowed to use one outbound link. But please take care not to get self-promotional. The anchor text for your link should be relevant to the article.
  • Bad grammar, poor English and spelling errors are absolutely unwelcome. Please submit content that is grammatically and language-wise sound.
  • Please provide 1-2 royalty-free images related to your content along with your submission.
  • If you’re submitting a post with author-bio, kindly keep it brief (up to 100 words only).
  • Please ensure that the content you submit is accurate and based on true facts/information. Give us your honest contributions. No fluff, please!

Topics for Guest Post

I’m not from Mexico, but I’ve learned a lot about the country through sheer curiosity. Of course, my obsession started with Mexican candies. But I’ve soon realized that Mexican culture is just as enchanting and delightful as the candies. I’m convinced you’d have a lot to share about Mexico and its culture. Here are some broad categories that will guide you for the contributions.

Mexican food

People around the globe love Mexican cuisine. The hot tangy flavors are truly scrumptious. There are many regional variations and techniques, yielding a diverse range of recipes in Mexican food. If you’re a native Mexican or an expert in the Mexican culinary fare, please do write a guest post. I’d love to feature it on the blog.

Mexican culture

Mexican culture is spectacularly rich. The art, the music, the local festivals and traditions, all constitute an enamoring world. You could cover these aspects in a guest post. Folks from other cultures would be very interested in looking at the finer details of the flourishing Mexican culture.

Mexican travel destinations

Mexico is hot among tourists. A lot of us crave for the soul satisfying Mexican holiday. In a guest post you could write about popular as well as unexplored holiday destinations in Mexico. Your post could guide eager travelers on how to have an immersive vacation.

Other topics

These are just a few broad topics. I can absolutely understand if you have something special to share about Mexico, but the topic doesn’t seem to fit squarely in any of these categories. In such a circumstance, you can always write an email and seek approval for your topic.

That’s pretty much all!

I’d be eagerly waiting for your email. I will give you feedback on your submitted post within a week’s time.

Hope you’ll be sending in your submissions soon!

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