5 Favourite Mexican Gums

The refreshing taste of gums is secondary to none. If you love chewy gums, then you will love the Mexican Gums, which give a whole new twist to these little chewy treats. Bite into the fruity freshness with a delicious twist. Here is our top selection of the five favorite Mexican gums available in the market:

1. Canel’s Original Gum

Chewy gums are Canel’s specialty. They are one of the bestselling Mexican candies brands, who are almost extensively famous for their delicious gums. Their original gum comes in four flavors- Tutti-Frutti, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Violet, and Spearmint. Easy to carry and delicious to taste, Canel’s Original Gum is a must have for everyone!

2. Bubbaloo Platano Banana Mexican Gum Review

Bubbaloo Platano Banana Mexican Gum is yet another best seller which comes in a unique banana flavour. The refreshing taste of banana is seldom in chewing gums but Bubbaloo gives us this unique taste, that grows on you from the first bite itself!

3. Canel’s Fruit Gum

Yet another offering from Canel, its Fruit gum comes in four assorted flavors- apple, cherry, grape, and banana. As delicious as Canel’s original gum but with the added taste of fresh fruity flavors, Canel’s Fruit Gum is a must try all everyone.

4. Rockaleta 30ct Counter Display Review

Rockaleta presents a different variation of chewing gum altogether. It comes with four layers of delicious soft chilly candy. The amazing twist makes this candy spicily delicious and strangely addictive.

5. Lucas BomVaso

The spicy- sour taste of tamarind candy is combined with the sweetness of bubble gum in Lucas’s BomVaso. It is an acquired taste and not many people would fall in love with the first bite itself, because of its unique taste. The unique combination is what makes this candy so different from its counter parts.

So, these were our pick regarding the best Mexican candies out there. If you love chewing gums, then you should definitely try out some of our selections because, whatever be your taste palette, these Mexican gums have something for everyone. What are you waiting for then? Go on order your first batch of these delicious Mexican gums!