Miguelito El Original Mexican Candy Chilli Powder Review

If you have always enjoyed the fusion flavours of Mexico exploding in your mouth then your best bet is the Miguelito El Original Mexican Candy Chilli Powder. Now available online, the Powder comes in exquisite and quality assured packaging. If you have enjoyed the taste of Mexico then it is assured that you will be … Read more

Miguelito Chamoy Chilito En Polvo Mexican Candy Chili Powder Review

There are Mexican candies which come in small packets of 100 grams. One of the most popular examples is Miguelito Chamoy Chilito Polvo Mexican Candy Chili Powder, which comes in small bags and are perfect to be carried anywhere. How Does It Taste? These are a mixture of lemon, tamarind, salt, sugar and chilly. The … Read more