Canels Gum Box 4-pack Fruit 240 Count (4packs) Review

Dive into these amazing tasting gums made especially for Mexican taste lovers. Offering something different and new than the classic American taste, these are a boon for everyone who loves gum. How Does It Taste? You will begin feeling the amazing flavor and taste it possess as soon as you put this gum in your … Read more

Canel’s Original Gum Box Review

These wonderful little packets of Canel’s Gum, with long lasting fruity freshness, tend to keep your mood fresh for hours. It comprises five delightful flavors – Peppermint flavor being one of them, is the most sought after. The other four flavors include Cinnamon, Spearmint, Tutti-Frutti and Violet.  These are made of natural colorings, which is … Read more