Jovy Revolcadtas with Chili Watermelon Review

Jovy Revolcadtas with chili watermelon is everyone’s favorite candy. This Mexican candy is a hard candy with the interior of it being soft. The soft part is filled with caramel making it taste like caramel chocolate. This candy is unlike any other chocolate candy because of its watermelon flavor combined with caramel. Watermelon with caramel … Read more

Jovy Limonazo Mexican Candy Salt & Lemon Powder Review

Jovy Limonazo is a Mexican candy but in a powder form. Can you imagine anything sourer than salt and lemon powder? Probably not! If you love sour candy, ‘sour’ being the keyword, this Jovy Limonazo is just the right candy for you. This Mexican candy is super sour but delicious. It tingles your taste buds … Read more

Mexican Candy Assorted Flavor, Chili Rokas Review

This bag of Mexican Candy Assorted Flavour, Chili Rokas has all the flavours you will need. The assorted flavours are tamarind, mango, watermelon and pineapple. It is a hard candy so you can lick or chew it, whichever way you like to eat your hard candy. It is sweet and tangy like any other hard … Read more

Jovy Revolcados with Chili Mix, Assorted Flavored Candy’s Review

The smile which occurs on the face of kids, after seeing a packet full of delicious different flavored candy and lollipop is worth looking at. They love eating them. Is it only the children who love to eat these Mexican lollipops and candies? I think we elders are also candy lovers. Isn’t it? What Will … Read more