Pelon Picositos Fruit Seasoning Review

Pelon Picositos Fruit Seasoning is a peculiar fun candy which can be enjoyed in many ways, with each way of enjoying it adding a new dimension to the exotic experience of your taste buds. The Pelon Piscositos candy is an absolute revolution in the field of exotic candies and is surely going to become your … Read more

Pelon Pelonazo Tamrind Flavor Jumbo Size Mexican Candy Review

The Pelon Pelonazo Tamarind candy is one sweet treat that will tingle your taste buds once it touches your tongue and believe me when I say it: This candy is one addictive sweet that you just can’t have enough of. It pleases children and adults alike with its tangy Tamarind flavor and hints of spicy … Read more

PELON PELO RICO Candy (Tamarind Original) Review

If you have enjoyed the tangy aftertaste of a savoury candy, then you will definitely enjoy PELON PELO RICO Candy. The candy gives you a nice kick of original tamarind flavours and comes with a cute little packaging. You can squeeze out the amount of candy you want and can keep the rest of it … Read more

Pelon Peloneta Tamarind with Mango Lollipops Review

How many times have you whined for the loss of spicy Mexican candies of your childhood which you’d grab a handful from the neighborhood mom-n-pop stores? If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a new candy kid on the block, offering a glimpse of your childhood with Pelon Peloneta Tamarind with Mango lollipops. What New does it … Read more

Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Soft Candy Review

Pelon Pelo Rico is an oozing sumptuousness and can retain back a tinge of subtle aura on your taste buds. It is a celebrated delight of tasty smacks and is speckled with tangy tamarind flavors coupled with salacious spiciness. The most spell binding part is that it comes in a push bottle mechanism and enrolls … Read more