7 Cheap Mexican Candies for the Best Deal

Don’t want your love for Mexican candies to burn a hole in your pocket? Look no further because this candy list would help you save money, without compromising your taste palette. Every candy here is priced below 8 dollars and are guaranteed to give satisfy all your cravings.

1. Limon 7 Salt & lemon powder

This sour and salty candy by Limon 7 is something that would definitely tickle your taste buds. The citricity of lemon combined with salt makes my mouth water every time I open the packet. It is priced at about $6.40 ($0.91 / ounce) on Amazon.

2. Pulparindo EXTRA HOT Tamarind Pulp Candy 20 count

Spicy chilies and tangy tamarind are the core ingredients of Pulparindo EXTRA HOT Tamarind Pulp Candy. Only recommended for people who love spicy food like me because the spice level is quite high. The best part is that it won’t burn a hole in your budget as it is priced at $5.29 ($10.80 / ounce) on Amazon.

3. Canel’s Original 4 Piece Gum Box (60 Count)

Canel’s Original four-piece gum box comes in four flavours and large quantities. The quality however is not compromised and you can get loads of chewing gums at a good reasonable price. It will cost you about $5.78($0.10 / count) on Amazon.

4. Jovy Revolcadtas with Chili Watermelon Flavors 6oz Bag

A bag of Jovy Revolcadtas with Chili Watermelon Flavours, is sure to delight every Mexican candy lover. Spicy chillies combined with sweet watermelon is a common flavour in many Mexican candies but Jovy Revolcadtas gives us the same amazing flavour at a much cheaper price. It will cost you around $5.28 ($0.88 / ounce) on Amazon.

5. Mini Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarind Push up Candy

Discover what makes Pelon Pelo Rico so popular with their mini version of Tamarind Push up Candy. These mini bottles contain some of the amazing flavors of tamarind combined with salt and chilies. You get the amazing taste and easy packaging at the price of about $5.93 ($0.08 / ounce) on Amazon.

6. LUCAS Mango Mexican Candy- 10 Ct. Case

Lucas is famous for their amazing candies and their Mango Mexican candy is one of the reasons why they are one of the most famous Mexican brands. Mango flavor with hot spicy chilies gives a unique taste. It’s reasonably priced too and is available at the cost of $6.70 ($0.94 / ounce) on Amazon.

7. Vero Elotes Paletas Sabor Fresa Con Chile Mexican Hard…

Strawberry lollipops with layers and layers of chili are enough to please any Mexican candy lover. Therefore, Vero Elotes Paletas Sabor Fresa Con Chile is definitely something that all spice lovers will adore. This lip smacking candy is available at $7.42 ($0.19 / count) on Amazon.

So, I hope this list is going to help you whenever you are having a budget crunch. Reasonable in cost but still scrumptious to taste, these candies will give you the best deal, while retaining their amazing taste.