Beny Locochas Mango Flavor Review

Ever tasted the awesome, smooth pulp of imported mangoes from the South East Asia? Those bright orange and yellow fruits offer some of the finest natural desserts known to humans, and it would certainly be invaluable to know that the test of mango pulp would never fade in all of the 365 days on the calendar.

How does it compare to real Mangoes?

Beny Locochas Mango Flavor candies have been subjected to extensive tests by the Food and Drug Administration and have been certified to be safe for mass consumption throughout the country. This makes it at par with the real pulp, though the smooth flow of the actual dessert might not be felt. It, however, more than make up for the lack of fresh pulp all year round.

Does it bring any Spicy Flavor to the Plate?

A pinch of spice can be observed if carefully tasted; this however does not make any sudden gust of emotions to disrupt the smooth aroma. If you ask about the specifics, I’d say a bit of salt and pepper is not necessarily a bad thing altogether.

Is it Exclusive for Desserts?

Being a Mexican candy, you can munch on it anytime of the day, even all the time if you really want to discover your sweet tooth. The real fruit might be exclusive for desserts, the candy is definitely not.

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