De La Rosa – Caramelos Suaves Acidulados Con Chile Mexican Candy Review

De La Rosa- Caramelos Suaves Acidulados Con Chile Mexican Candy is a savory tidbit that will burst on your palate into sweet and sour flavors and letting you munch on them for hours!

How does it Taste?

It tastes like a mix of sugary, tart and pungent flavors that give it an irresistible touch. Also, talking about the texture of this Mexican candy, it is soft and chewy thus a squashy one on the palate.

These candies are ready to go treats for anytime when you feel like eating something different. But the tangy sweet essence of it makes it wonderfully luscious snack to crunch upon!

Who will enjoy it the most?

This candy is a thumbs-up for all ages whether it is children to adults to the old ones, its quintessential seasoning will make you fall in love with this Mexican treat! You can eat them while commuting or at home, these candies are also mouthful to put in your fridge for midnight snack times. Go! grab it from the online store amazon ,as soon as possible.

De La Rosa- Caramelos Suaves Acidulados Con Chile Mexican Candy is also a scrumptious addition for all celebrations, from kids’ birthday parties to the get-togethers of grown-ups, our inner child will be too tempted to resist these little munchies!

And When?

They can work as snacks for home or little treats all throughout the day but if you buy them for parties and birthday celebrations for kids, they are the best to be placed in those feasts!

Don’t let yourself find a day to eat them but once you have tasted these crunchy candies, they are too luscious to not to get hooked upon them!

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