Pelon Peloneta Tamarind with Mango Lollipops Review

How many times have you whined for the loss of spicy Mexican candies of your childhood which you’d grab a handful from the neighborhood mom-n-pop stores? If you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a new candy kid on the block, offering a glimpse of your childhood with Pelon Peloneta Tamarind with Mango lollipops.

What New does it Offer?

When you talk about being spicy, you may think of snack reviews of East Asian countries put up on YouTube by some popular food enthusiasts. This however, is a punch of childhood right across the face from the time you put in your mouth till the last grain of candy left on the lollipop stick.

With the perfect blend of salt, flavors of tamarind, mango and pepper, you’d witness a flash flood of emotions engulfing every avenue of your senses, and may even knock you off your feet if you get the hang of it.

Who Can Taste It?

Pretty much anyone who is up for an innocent adventure; for the record, it is a candy on steroids. The never ending roller coaster ride for those few minutes might make one feel the pinch of Hippies– awesome modern day travelers roaming the Canyon floors while high on LSD. So, take a happy trip with this succulent candy by clicking here.

Is There Any Specific Time for Taking This?

As a candy buff, I find it nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. Very few products offer a whole glimpse of my childhood in a few minutes, and this is certainly one of those. As for the time, I feel the 24-hour day period might seem way less if you have a full packet of these in your hands.

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