Bazukazo Tarugos Tamarindo Con Chile Mexican Tamarind Candy Sticks Review

Bazukazo Tarugos Tamarindo Con Chile Mexican Tamarind Candy Sticks are a perfect fix to your day cravings for savory treats as these tiny munchies are the mouthwatering and lip-smacking candies on the go!

How does it Taste?

The tamarind adds tanginess and strong flavor to this candy and the candies are pretty crunchy and chewy in texture. These are flavorful especially for those who love hot and spicy treats plus the flavor is not that strong to fire up your palate, this way they are ideal for all who love tangy tamarinds and candies as this Mexican treat blends both these lovely features together to make it too enticing to resist ourselves!

If you feel are craving to have spicy things, this candy is the fix for all those times!

Who will enjoy it the most?

Candies actually change us all into kids and there is nostalgia associated to them directly! So there is really no age for this Mexican candy but everyone loves to munch upon them be it grownups or kids.

When you are planning to give a birthday party to your kid, these tamarind flavored treats are magical for these celebrations. To get them on your doorstep, go to Amazon. Also, you can store them in cars, fridge or at work to satiate all those tangy hunger times!

And when?

These Mexican candy sticks are not only ideal for all party and celebrations but also can spice up your recipes as the tamarind has its own pungent tang to it! Hence, add them to the kids’ parties, or the days when your friends are coming over plus keep them in your snack baskets whenever you are travelling with your family on picnics and these candies will add fun and tanginess to your celebrations!

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