Lucas Gusano Tamarind Flavored Liquid Mexican Candy Review

Lucas Gusano is a liquid based tamarind flavoured candy. It is packaged in a small bottle. Have it once and you will want to have it forever.

How does it Taste?

The candy is tamarind flavoured and literally tastes like tamarind liquid with a kick of chilli at the end. It is just as sour and sweet as tamarind but tastes much better with a little chilli kick. It is super delicious and addictive.

How to eat it?

You can have it straight out of the bottle or have it as a seasoning. Some people put it on their fruits as a seasoning and have it. It tastes good on fruits and salads as well. You can even use it as a sauce and put it on your burgers or tacos. Many use it as a Tabasco sauce because of its spicy flavour. Have it in the liquid form like it available or use it differently by adding it in your food.

Who Will Enjoy It the Most?

Small children will not necessarily enjoy this Mexican candy according to popular opinion because it has chilli. People with really sensitive taste buds can also avoid the same. This would be loved primarily by people who love sour and spicy things. So, if your are one of those then buy these candies by clicking here.

And When?

It can be enjoyed anytime and a festive occasion is not required. It tastes best after a heavy lunch or dinner!

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