Checolines Forritos Chilarines Tamarindo Confitadao Mexican Tamarind Covered Candy Review

Checolines Forritos Chilarines Tamarindo Confitadao is a delicious pack of tamarind covered Mexican candy. It is a traditional Mexican recipe which is hardly available outside of Mexico. So those who love binging on Mexican candy are in luck because this new pack provides 700 grams of this delicious candy.

How does it taste?

This pack of candies reminds anyone of authentic Mexican taste who have had a taste before. For those who are trying it for the first time, you are going to enjoy it quite a lot if you like a sour and tangy candy to binge on. Coupled with the tamarind’s sourness, a hint of salt and Mexican spices are added to it to improve its flavor.

You can also taste a little bit of sweetness that satiates your sweet tooth. Otherwise, it is a tamarind flavored candy with a touch of authentic Mexican culinary spices as well.

Who can eat it?

The question of who can eat this candy is quite banal. Anyone and everyone who likes and enjoys the taste of Mexican sour and sweet candy will enjoy these Checolines Forritos Chilarines Tamarindo Confitadao immensely. Adults can use it as a subtle palate cleanser, while kids can enjoy it for its unique and delightful flavor. To rekindle the mexican flavor, buy them from  Amazon. The taste of this candy helps to clear your mouth of any ill-taste.


We all know, there is no wrong time to have a candy. This pack of Mexican tamarind flavored candy is suitable for any large scale or small scale occasion. You can idly sit in your couch and munch on it, as well as you can bring it as a snack item in ceremonies such as birthday parties. The delicious flavor and taste of this unique candy wins hearts very easily!

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