7 Cheap Mexican Candies for the Best Deal

Don’t want your love for Mexican candies to burn a hole in your pocket? Look no further because this candy list would help you save money, without compromising your taste palette. Every candy here is priced below 8 dollars and are guaranteed to give satisfy all your cravings. 1. Limon 7 Salt & lemon powder … Read more

5 Favourite Mexican Gums

The refreshing taste of gums is secondary to none. If you love chewy gums, then you will love the Mexican Gums, which give a whole new twist to these little chewy treats. Bite into the fruity freshness with a delicious twist. Here is our top selection of the five favorite Mexican gums available in the … Read more

6 Best Lucas Candies

One of the most prominent Mexican candy brand, Lucas has been producing mouth-watering candies since 1986. Presently, it runs exports candies, not only to Mexico but also US, Europe and parts of Asia. 1. Lucas Salsagheti Gusanos Sandia These hot-sweet strips of candies have the much-loved combination of fruity watermelon and spicy tamarind sauce. They … Read more

5 Spicy Mexican Candies

The sour and spicy taste of Mexican candies is what makes it so different from all other candies around the world. While they have some delicious sweet, chocolate candies too, Spicy candies is what they are truly known for. Some of the well-known spicy hot Mexican candies are: 1. Vero Mango Sour, tangy mango lollipop … Read more

5 Unique Mexican Candies

Have you ever tasted something that made you think out aloud- “Wow, now that’s different!” Well, many Mexican candies will make you think the same because each of these goodies are unique in their own way; Be it their shape or taste, each Mexican candy will offer you a different experience all together. Some of … Read more

Top 7 Mexican Tamarind Candies

Tamarind is a popular ingredient in Mexico and is heavily used in their candies. The zesty flavor of tamarind works wonders with the sweetness of candy or even with the tartness of chamoy and chilies. This versatile fruit has so many combinations but for now, let’s see the top seven Mexican Tamarind Candies: 1. Pulparindo … Read more

5 Most Famous Mexican Candy Brands

Perhaps the best way to guarantee the quality of the product would be, by gauging the people who create them. Many of the finest Mexican Candies are made by some famous brands, who have left their mark, all around the globe with some scrumptious candies. Therefore, take a peek and know all about the guys … Read more