Paleta Payaso Review

Paleta Payaso is an exquisitely sweet spongy marshmallow lollipop and is present with substantial crustal strata of sumptuous chocolate and chewy gummies.

In Spanish language, “ Payaso” implies clown and likewise, the sheath of the lollipop hallmarks the same. It is the latest offering from  Ricolino, an emblem of the eminent multinational confectionary known as Grupo Bimbo.  The illustrious bakery has also successfully made its foray in other international regions like North America, Europe & Asia.

How does it taste?

Paleta Payoso’s sole motto is “FACE OF FUN” and is dotted with gumdrop ruby eyes, cerulean lips, chocolate encrusted face & subtle marshmallow centre. The layers resemble a jocular clown with little distortions. The multi layered extravaganza renders a terrific blend of saccharine glory. The sweetness will intensely spell bind your senses and will beguile you for an extended phase. At times, the momentary sourly taste of the gummies will intervene to break the monotony of the interminable sweetness. Indulge in this Latin treat and bask in some buoyancy. In order to pacify your sweet tooth, the compact carton consists of 10 individually veiled Paleta Payaso marshmallow lollipops.

Who will like it?

As the candy has an amazing appeal, it will cater to everybody. Especially, kids adore these delightful retreats because of the clownish echo. Adults can also check their tryst with the Paleta Payaso to nudge their long lost inner child. In addition, these Mexican candies are now available on online sites and can be dispatched at your doorsteps with just a snick on your smart phone. So, to have fun with these quintessential lollipops, get them from amazon.

And when?

Paleta Payaso is appropriate for birthday parties, baby showers, party favours, annual events, community events, Christmas celebrations, Easter, Halloween tricks , university gags and for any other jocular occasion.

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