Pelon Pelonazo Tamrind Flavor Jumbo Size Mexican Candy Review

The Pelon Pelonazo Tamarind candy is one sweet treat that will tingle your taste buds once it touches your tongue and believe me when I say it: This candy is one addictive sweet that you just can’t have enough of. It pleases children and adults alike with its tangy Tamarind flavor and hints of spicy chili in between. It has the choicest ingredients and is gluten free.

How does it taste?

This Tamarind flavored candy comes with just the right amount of sugar, spice and that sharp tangy flavor. It comes in a convenient push bottle and once you squeeze it out and taste it, a riot of flavors will break out on your tongue. The spicy chili will be moderated with just the right amount of sweetness and the tangy Tamarind flavor will tingle your taste buds and this whole experience will leave you craving for more!

Who will enjoy it the most?

Are we even going to argue about this? Everyone is gonna love this candy once they taste it! It has got the sweetness and that mischievous Tamarind flavor and it also has got the spicy and strong flavor that the adults will definitely crave for. After all, age has got nothing to do with enjoying a great snack that will tingle your taste buds. Coming straight from the Mexican supermarkets, this candy is surely gonna remind you of Hallowe’en and what’s even better is that it is delivered at your doorstep without any hassles when you buy them from Amazon.

And when?

The Pelon Pelonazo Tamarind candy is a perfect snack for when the family sits together or on birthday parties of children or Inside Christmas gifts or at Easter or as a treat at Hallowe’en or any other day when you feel like it. After all, you don’t need a reason to munch on this delicious candy. Do you?

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