Rockaleta 30ct Counter Display Review

When it comes to candies, nothing can beat the Mexican Candies ones and the Rockaleta Lollipops just go on to prove this fact! The Rockaleta Lollipops have been an all-time favorite candy among kids as well as the adults and is now back in a new and impressive packing. The same old taste of alternate layers of chili and mango surprise your taste buds pleasantly and the lollipop leaves you craving for more. Every layer of this candy carries a different flavor and it tingles your taste buds as the lollipop melts in your mouth.

How does it taste?

It has a gum based center that has different delicious layers of mango and chili to give an alternate taste of hot, sour and sweet. The spicy flavor is present with the sweet and tangy mango flavor and is one of the tangiest and spiciest candies in the market.

Who will enjoy it the most?

It’s sweet and tangy with a gum center and is loved by the kids and it’s sour and spicy flavor is a hit among adults. It is now available online and you can easily get them delivered to your doorstep without any hassles. Click here to order a pack and I guarantee, you will definitely enjoy this lollipop. Let the same old flavor take over your senses and stir up some memories.

And when?

The Rockaleta Lollipops are a perfect snack for every happy occasion or whenever you feel like munching on this candy. Birthday Celebrations or Christmas, Hallowe’en or Easter. This candy is sure to remain a hit among kids as well as the guests. So, stop drooling and get one of these for yourself today!

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