Taza Chocolate Mexicano Chocolate Disc, Coffee Review

Taza has always been a dear company for all the sugaraholics out there because of its popular authentic Mexican chocolates and chocolate confectioneries that melt in the mouth and make you fall in love with them in the very first bite itself. The inspirited by traditional Mexican sweets, Taza Mexicano Chocolate discs are 100% vegan, gluten free and soy free, hand crafted chocolate discs made to give your palate a touch of organic, rusty and at the same time bold textures.

How does it taste?

Besides the fact that these chocolates spin magic on your tongue, the best part is that they come in a lot of varieties – like hazelnut, coconut, coffee, dark, super-dark, and many more to entice all kinds of mouths! This chocolate has a granular feel. A hint of ginger or coconut or cinnamon or salt and pepper is what makes this chocolate different from others.

Who will enjoy it the most?

The roasted coffee dark chocolates are 50% dark and exceptionally bitter and are therefore not for people who like sweet candies. Age is another factor; these disc shaped pieces of heaven are usually more sought after by adolescents and adults rather little toddlers and kids who usually go for syrupy sweetened treats. Natives of Mexican belt who have drifted apart from their hometowns almost always hold these treats dear to their hearts. Vegans and soy allergic people too will enjoy these as they finally have a chocolate for themselves that doesn’t taste like rubber. Since it is 50% dark, these chocolates in little amounts are actually beneficial for diabetic people. So don’t waste any more time and buy them today on Amazon.

And when?

Birthdays and anniversary parties, Halloweens parties, Easter celebrations, Christmas eves, after the breaking up rescuers, well you name it! You do not really need an occasion to consume these yummies.

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