Vero Elote Lollipops Mexican Candies Review

For the seekers of an exotic sweet sucker, unique among the array of similar kinds of sweet candies, the Vero Elote Lollipops Mexican Candies which deceive you by seeming like little corn cobs, but actually are strawberry flavored. A quixotic blend of sweet and salty, these melt in mouth lollipop candies are a treasure for the ones looking for a kick in oneself’s taste buds.

What does it taste like?

These amazing Mexican candies not made for the regular taste-buds will force you to pop one right after the other in your mouth. It has a unique, appealing to the novice experimenter taste, of grilled crushed corns and sweet juicy strawberries. The sweet yet chilly and salty flavor will drive you nuts in trying to unravel the exact constituents of what hits your tongue in the smoothest tinges. Your oral palate will be ever grateful to you for discovering this unique savory that holds dear sweet, salty, sour, spicy all flavors.

Who will enjoy it the most ?

People with developing taste buds who refuse to confine their buds to the regular, bland montonous varieties of chocolates and candies will find the Vero Elote Lollipop Mexican candies extremely delightful because of its unique savors. Age will also play a role although as kids might not necessarily find it pleasing, these candies are more suited for adults. Also, people who have grown up in mexican areas or are fond of their culture will undoubtedly fall for this candy throughout their life. So, let’s get nostalgic by having these candies, from amazon.

And when?

You have never needed an occasion to pamper yourself with sweet treats and this candy is no exception in this regard! You can pop one into your mouth anytime of the year, great ice breakers for a new place, this candy can also work as a people glue as well and helps you expand your friend circle at the cost of a few tangy bucks.

Where is it available?

Besides being abundant in the state of Texas, in this age you can get these sweet/sour/spicy/salty treats right on your doorstep.

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