Vero Mexican Candy Tarrito Fruit Flavored Lollipops Review

Vero Mexican Candy Tarrito Fruit Flavored Lollipops are deliciously flavorful treats filled with the tangy Mexican flavors that will feel up your palate and make you want more!

How does it Taste?

It has a fruity texture and is quite fizzy with a mix of different flavors. Since, it is also a Mexican product, these candies are less pungent but enough to spice up your palate. These beer pops are pineapple flavoured and their colour resembles the fizzy foam of beer.

The candies are idyllic for snack times since they don’t satiate hunger but leave you with a great scrumptious taste in your mouth.

Who will enjoy it the most?

Lollipops are a hit for all age types and we all become kids when it comes to munching upon luscious bear-shaped lollipops. So, you can buy it for your children or your colleagues or for friends coming over and you will always end with an empty bag for sure!

If you are organizing a birthday party for your kid, these lollipops are the first thing to go for! Plus for every other occasion for grownups and adults, these lollipops can add fun to those boring parties and get-togethers with their sweet yet tangy taste!!

And when?

Don’t consider a fixed time for eating these delicious candies, just buy them and when you get home, turn into a child to savor these palatable lollipops for hours and hours! And if you are looking for an occasion to buy them, you can opt for them for your kids’ birthday parties or as sweet snacks to keep in refrigerator for the times when you don’t feel like eating the same food again! Let these lollipops find occasions and just concentrate on their fruity, fizzy flavor to relish your tangy tongue with!

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