Jovy Limonazo Mexican Candy Salt & Lemon Powder Review

Jovy Limonazo is a Mexican candy but in a powder form. Can you imagine anything sourer than salt and lemon powder? Probably not!

If you love sour candy, ‘sour’ being the keyword, this Jovy Limonazo is just the right candy for you. This Mexican candy is super sour but delicious. It tingles your taste buds in just the right way.

How does it taste?

It should taste just the way it should. The powder tastes lemony, salty and sour. This candy is made for everyone, but it is made especially for those who love sour candies.

Jovy Limonazo is sour but edible. It is not just edible but yummy too. Once you get a liking towards it, you develop a crazy obsession.

How to eat Jovy Limonazo?

It’s a candy, actually candy powder, and you can play with this powder and have it in many different ways.

Having it straight out of the box is so old fashioned, so invent your own new way. Pour it into the water and make yourself a drink or use it in a dressing when low on lemon and salt.

Add in your fruit salads as a seasoning or just wherever you want to add a little sourness. Everyone talks about sweet tooth, but here we are for sour candy lovers.

Have it in a way which you like. For those who don’t like much sourness can dilute it by adding it to food and using it as a seasoning. Even when you will use it as a seasoning, Jovy Limonazo will become a necessity and you will want it at all times in your kitchen. Jovy Limonazo is highly recommended.

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