Miguelito Raqueta Paleta Enchilada Mexican Candy Hot Chili Lollipops Review

Best known for the fusion magic which is an enticing call to the taste buds, Mexican candies are trending in the candy wars. The Miguelito Raqueta Paleta Enchilada Mexican Candy Hot Chili Lollipops is now available online and comes with safe packaging and even a return policy for damaged goods. Mexico never ceases to wonder one with their rich and intrepid experimental flavors, which surprisingly work out quite well together.

How does it taste?

There is nothing like a bit of spice that can bring out the wild side of the sweet and unsuspecting sugar. If you have ever been to Mexico, then the Raqueta Enchilada captures the essence of the local tastes of the country, taking you back in time. If you haven’t had a hit of popular Mexican candies then I assure you that the Enchilada is your safest bet with subtle yet enticing flavors. The blood red color of the candy infused with specks of flaming chili hits your palette at the very first bite, creating a play of bold flavors in your mouth.

Who will enjoy it the most?

Anyone with a sweet tooth is bound to enjoy this brilliant fusion of Mexican Raquetas with the unique blend of sweet delights packed into a pickled chamoyada – a favourite in Mexican cuisine. Even if you are not a fan of Mexican Candy, this sweet and savory delight makes sure that it is noticed by your taste buds. The bold flavors do have a tendency to grow on you! So, experience the amazing bold taste by clicking here.

And When?

Enjoy the Raquetas and pair them with a glass of wine as you are passing your time with a good read or offer it to your friends during a party. It doesn’t matter whether it is a kid’s party or an office party because candies are meant to be savored by your senses, regardless of where you are. Do not forget to include them in the Halloween candy bowl, as those little ‘sweet monsters’ come to trick or treat you!

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