Pica Limon Candy Review

Pica Limon Candy is a flavor packed small bomb and has a the nicely blended sweet and sour flavor hitting your palate with its deliciousness when you have a yearning for a sweet treat. Therefore, you should definitely try out this if you have a special spot for lemon, as these little lemony bombs will surely delight your taste buds. Eating these sugar-coated chewy wonders will undoubtedly make you fall into an intense love affair with the candies and you can end up eating a handful of the candies without even realizing it.

How does it Taste?

 Pica Limon Candy, being a perfect delicate concoction of exquisite lemony center and sweetness with a slight hint of spicy chili powder coating is a lovely assortment of flavors which has the right amount of salt, lime and a subtle kick of spicy flavor that lingers on your palate awhile.

At the first bite into Pica Limon Candy, you should embrace yourself as you are to feel the punch of burst of the tangy and lemony flavor that will instantly leave your mouth flooded with saliva. It is at that very moment when you will get to experience the spark of bliss on your palate.

What’s so great about it?

Not being too overly sweet, the natural lemon flavor is extremely refreshing. The infusion of chili pepper ingredient flavor provides that extra oomph and zing that actually uplifts the overall flavor of the candy.

Available at a very affordable price, Pica Limon Candy is cheaper and definitely keeps up to the expectations as it tastes far better in comparison to most of its kinds which are available in the markets. You can order them online now on Amazon.

Who can eat it?

When inside the mouth, the stimulating sweet lemon rush that immediately follows the tartness of the candy makes people of all ages go wow. Avoid giving this candy to very small children as it can get lodged in their throats.

When can you eat it?

The mere thought of the citrusy munchies can leave just anyone’s mouth salivating. Therefore, this candy can help you with your midnight cravings and can be had anytime. It is popularly had as an after snack.

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