Pulparindo EXTRA HOT Tamarind Pulp Candy Review

The Pulparindo candy is an extra spicy tamarind Mexican candy which like any other Mexican candy is very addictive. You should try it if you love spice and sour together. Being a Mexican candy, it is also available in Mexican stores and online.  Mexican candies are super yummy and have everything. A single candy has it all, and Pulparindo is one of them.

How does it Taste?

The Pulparindo candy is made of tamarind pulp and as the name says, is extra hot. But it is amazing and even people who don’t eat spice like Pulparindo candy. This candy is a full package and is delicious. This Mexican candy is spicy, sweet and sour– all at the same time. It is tangy and has a great taste. Once you try it, it becomes your favourite Tamarind candy. Don’t be afraid just because it says “EXTRA HOT”. Rather, do give it a try.

What is it made of?

The candy, as the name suggests is made of tamarind pulp with sugar, citric acid, salt, ground chillies mixture, corn syrup and sodium benzoate to preserve freshness.All the other important information is provided on the package. Buy these delicious candies today on Amazon.

Who can have it?

It’s made for all age groups. Kids, adults or oldies, this candy is made for all. But only have it if you love spicy things.

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