Vero Mango and Rebanaditas Paletas Bundle Review

Vero Mango and Rebanaditas Paletas are one the most famous candies in Mexico. This candy bundle is a 2-in-1 bundle which has both Vero Mango and Rebanaditas Paletas. Both of these candies are in a bundle on Amazon. In this bundle, you will find 40 pieces of each candy.

How do they taste?

Vero Mango Paletas are mango flavoured lollipops which are fully covered in chilli powder. Rebanaditas Paletas are watermelon flavoured lollipops which are also covered in chilli powder. Both the Paletas when first bit, you get a taste of chilli but later you get the taste of mango or watermelon flavour and get the required sweetness.

Mexican Paletas are not too sweet like the ones in the US. They are tangy, spicy and sweet. It isn’t too hot either. It is just delicious.

Who can have it?

These Mexican candies are loved by all age groups. Anyone who loves spicy, sour and sweet would love these Paletas.

The Paletas are such candies which can be eaten at any time and is loved by all. Try this bundle if you haven’t yet as these are the best Mexican candies you will ever have.

How to eat Paletas?

The Paletas are covered with chilli powder so don’t lick them like other lollipops if you can’t tolerate much chilli, rather take a bite and indulge in all the flavours together. It may be a lollipop but do not treat is a lollipop if you don’t like chilli much. Go, get ready to spice up your taste bud!

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