Vero Pica Fresa Chilli Strawberry Gummy Candy Review

The Vero Pica Fresa Chilli Strawberry Gummy Candy brings in the exotic flavours of the Mexican candy and is a treat to all your five senses. This sweet and savoury delicacy with the tinge of the fruity taste of fresh strawberries is a delight in itself. Now available at your doorstep with a click of a button, Vero makes sure that you get the best quality products with exquisite packaging.

How Does It Taste?

It is a sinful pleasure to your palette, as the fusion flavors of Mexico hits you right in your face. The tangy sweetness of the strawberry balls wrapped in hot chili is perhaps my favorite of all the Mexican candies. The chewy consistency of the jelly is to the point and at first, you are hit by the sweet tinge of strawberry only to find it replaced with a hit of spice. The refreshing hint of strawberry is a welcome change in between all the spices of the Chamoy!

Who Will Enjoy It the Most?

Anyone who enjoys a good flavor is guaranteed to enjoy the Vero Pica Fresa Chili Strawberry Gummy Candy. Though we say that candy is a favorite, overcoming the barriers of age, the Vero Pica is a gummy candy which might be more preferred by kids because they can hang on to the taste for a longer period of time. Elders might just not prefer to chew and chew and chew on the candy, though it is assured that the taste is to die for. It is never too late to enjoy these delicious treats, you can do it right now by clicking here.

And When?

Kids just don’t care when you give them candy. Day or night they cherish the flavors of this sweet delicacy. Have a nip at the Vero Pica Fresa Chilli Strawberry Gummy Candy whenever you want. Take it along with you on your travels or suck on it when you are in one of those mood swings. Whatever it is you must definitely make the candy a must include in your Halloween shopping list. This little bundle of heavenly taste is going to ruin the dinner for a lot of kids out there!

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