Limon 7 Paleta (Lollipop Covered with Lemon and Salt Powder) Review

The market has tons of spicy chilly and cinnamon flavored candies, making it difficult for the lovers of sweet and salty candies of their own choice. If you are one of them looking for an excellent spicy candy, here we have for you Limon 7 Paleta (Lollipop Covered with Lemon and Salt Powder).

How does it taste?

Candies have been known to be sweet or salty until the Mexican candies took the market by storm courtesy their spicy candies. However, the Limon 7 Paleta (Lollipop Covered with Lemon and Salt Powder) is one for the traditionalists. The lollipop has a very delicious salt coating at the top which conquers the taste buds for first few seconds after putting the lollipop in mouth.

Just when the taste buds seem to be lost in the sea of salt and start dancing to their tune, the sudden splurge of lemon and sweet flavor will stimulate your taste buds. The taste lasts for minutes even after you have finished off the candy. Above all, the proportion of lemon flavor and sugar mixed in the candy is exemplary. The presence of very less amount of sugar and low carbohydrate is a huge bonus for the popularity of the candy.

Who will enjoy it most?

First of all, there is no age for eating candies and candies are without a doubt, a necessity for almost everyone. Therefore, the Limon 7 Paleta is one for the people of all age categories, be it the candy-crazy child or the school going kid or the college going adult, the mature office worker or the old grand parents’.Raise the bar of your taste buds by clicking here.

The very-low sugar content of the candies is a huge bonus for the diabetic patients, as they don’t need to worry about a surge in the glucose levels if they go for fulfilling their wishes. Hence, this candy is for people from all age groups and levels.

And when?

The lollipops can be the attention seeker at the birthday party of your child. It can be also a surprise gift on the day of Christmas. You can have it on Easters and Halloween too, making it an all-time favorite.

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