Lucas Chamoy / Mango Chamoy & Mango Flavored Power Review

Lucas Chamoy Or, Mango Chamoy & Mango Flavored Powder is an iconic product which has the colossal power to whirl away your sensational buds into an unparalleled charm. Chamoy is nothing but savory condiment made from pickled fruits. They are a typical blend of saltiness, sourness, sweetness and therefore this candy is perfect for everyone who likes spicy-sour candies.They are mass produced by one of the eminent confectioneries and are popularly known as Lucas. Implementing efficient manufacturing techniques, Lucas produces innovative candy products coupled with creative packaging features. This Mexican brand has been there since 1986 and has gradually made their established foray in other international regions like North America, Central America, Europe & Asia.

How Does it Taste?

Lucas’s Mango tinged Chamoy comes in a cylindrical container and is replenished with reddish orange shimmering powder. They will soulfully offer you smacks of sweetness, sourness and salacious spiciness. The sourness and overwhelming spiciness will cover your tongue.  Lucas’s Mango flavored Chamoy is also low in calorie and is also suitable as a delectable garnish on other relishing fruits. They come in 12 separately sealed bottles and contain ingredients such as citric acid, chili powder, iodized salt, sugar and artificial flavor.

Who will enjoy it the Most?

Age is just a freaking quantifying number when it comes to these relishes. The Chamoy is for every age ranges and promises to envelop your tongue in a cheerful mood. However, the quirky integration is not everyone’s cup of tea. These are for risk takers and thrill buffs who are willing to take their taste receptors to a flavor rendezvous. Anyone looking to break off from the shackles of the sweet confections can also check their tryst with these explosions. In addition, they are now available on all the leading online sites. Thus, kill the buy button and indulge in this quaint escapade. 

And When?

Mexican Candy is convenient for gleeful birthday parties, happy Easters, merry Christmases, spooky Halloween, parties, university events, illustrious annual functions, community gags, school fests, up surging college freshers, farewell parties, family get together, baby showers and any other happy occasion one can suitably think of!  Come, let’s celebrate every event of our life with these candies .

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